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Reconmmendations of Sumida Spot

すみだ 千客万来 ~Recommendations of Sumida spot~


Link Source: https://youtu.be/fsPV0Js5CFs

Sumida is the heart of “shitamachi ” of old Edo.
The opening of TOKYO SKYTREE in 2012 brought new people and culture into the area.
The blend of traditional and modern is what makes the area so warm-hearted and so fascinating.
Why don’t you come and experience Sumida City!

Sumida City Tourist Information Centers : http://visit-sumida.jp/
Sumida Tourism  Association: http://visit-sumida.jp/inbound#
SUMIDA 3M: https://sumida-3m.tokyo/
Ryoma Quartet: http://ryoma-quartet.com/

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